Calving Cameras

E Solutions have a wide range of both wired and wireless calving cameras.


With eight years experience in installing CCTV we have the products and experience to suit your needs.


Our Wired calving cameras work on a cable run from the back of your TV to the calving shed. This is ideal for sheds that are nearby or where there is no difficulty running cables. The camera picture will be shown on a channel on your TV.


Our Wireless calving cameras work by sending a signal from your shed to your house removing the need to run in cables. The signal can travel up to 5 km. This option is perfect if running cables is difficult or the shed is a long distance from your house.

Our ZOOM calving cameras are colour cameras which can look all around a shed and can be zoomed in to view a very close up picture of the animals. They are controlled from a controller in the house and can also be controlled from your mobile phone.


All of E Solutions cameras, are high quality colour cameras with built in nightvision. They are waterproof, do not rust and are very robust.


All E Solutions Calving cameras come with a 1 year guarantee and are installed by fully qualified electricians.


Calving cameras are also suitable for monitoring horses foaling and sheep lambing.


For more information please contact John McDonnell on 086 2554253 and for prices please click on our special offers page.



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