Green Switch

" A very simple idea realising substantial savings"

Most businesses and homes use far more electricity than is necessary. A lot of this is down to inconvenience. Appliances are left running or on standby simply because its too arkward or time consuming to switch everything off.

Green Switch solves this.

Simply by locating one "GREEN" switch in a convenient location (usually beside main door) all unnecessary items can be isolated when the building is unoccupied.

Not only can it save 15-30% on your ESB bill, it is also very usefull from a safety point as all electrical items are isolated.

Green Switch is perfect for businesses that close at night time and is especially usefull for schools which are normally only occupied 30% of the time. Green Switch is also ideal for home.

Naturally appliances such as freezers and security systems require power 24 hours a day. This is incorporated into the system. The client chooses which items are affected by the Green Switch.

For a free quote to install a Green switch in your business, school or home please contact John McDonnell on 086 2554253

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